Andrea Heras Huélamo

Being an avid reader since she was young, Andrea knew from an early stage that her future as a professional would be linked to writing and languages in some way. That’s why she decided to study Translation and Interpreting in English and Arabic at the UAM in Madrid and later to start an Arabic and Islamic Studies degree at the UGR in Granada. In 2018, she joined the translation industry as an in-house translator for SDL, where she worked in the IT and marketing team for 3 years. After that, she decided to make a career change and took a chance as a freelance translator for various IT, e-learning, and SaaS companies which was her main occupation until joining to Zeitgeist as a Spanish translator in 2024. Aside from languages and literature, Andrea enjoys cooking, hiking, and watching movies at the cinema. A bit of an artist deep inside, she also loves doing pottery and ceramics.