Celine Bernadet

Growing up in a household speaking the colourful northern dialect of Portuguese and the melodious patois of southwestern French, Céline developed a passion for languages and the bridges they build between cultures. She studied French, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese and Japanese, but her greatest love was always English. She has a Masters in Translation from Paris Nanterre University and worked as a project manager for two translation agencies in Paris before shifting to freelance translation in her beloved Bordeaux (the city, not the wine!). After seven years of freelancing, Céline wanted to leverage her experience to join a dynamic and creative translation team that shared her values, and landed at Zeitgeist.

In her free time, Céline enjoys going on walks with her dog Roy, reading, writing, crafting, sewing, knitting, guitar, piano, gardening, and creative pursuits. Her hobbies take up as much space in her life as in her flat. She also loves to discover new beers (the weirder, the better!).