To the rescue

Tech marketers often get stuck with language service providers they didn’t choose. Their procurement department signed a worldwide contract with a large translation agency. The deal certainly looked great on paper, but these agencies are usually Jacks-of-all-trades who don’t really know their bare-metal from their hypervisor. This can lead to clunky, awkward marketing material full of misunderstandings and mistranslations. Marketing teams get frustrated as their localised assets are not fit for client-facing communications, but procurement saysthey can’t use any other translation vendor. So how do they get out of this dead end? They call their marketing agency, and their marketing agency calls us. That’s how we’ve ended up retranslating blog posts and newsletters for this leading end-user device manufacturer. Every month, we receive a set of poorly translated files for five EMEA markets. We “zeitgeistify” it and deliver a copy that’s on message, on brand and client-ready, in every language. Want to see the before-after difference? Get in Touch

At Zeitgeist, we excel at both B2B and B2C tech transcreation. When this industry-defining audio technology specialist released their new, revolutionary immersive sound technology, they asked Zeitgeist to transcreate their messaging and brand guidelines. When you’ve got such a high-end product, you’ve got to maintain high standards throughout the value chain. Want to see the result? Visit cinemas across Europe or Get in Touch